Категория: Инженерна графика и Техническо документиране
Рецензент: Violeta Karastateva
Страници: 72
Цена (лв.): 20 лв.
ISBN: н/а
Библиотека: Тонекс-2000 ЕООД
Година: 2019

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The book of “Engineering graphics and technical drawing” is for first year student at Technical university of Varna from different spetiality – Navigation, Marine engineering and Industrial management.

Here are given theoretical information, standards and rules for engineering drawing. The book conduct deep aesthetic criteria about engineering thinking and document preparation. Engineering graphics and Technical drawing is a part of technical documentation and this is a universal language of all engineers used in theirs design process. It is a formal and precise way of presenting specific information about the shape, the size, features, machining and precision of the elements. Actually, this is a graphical representation of objects and structures for quickly, fully and accurately visualizing objects and conducting analysis. The book teach young student how to prepare an engineering drawing which convey all the required information that will allow a manufacturer to produce that component. All drawings are necessary to create in accordance with standardized conventions for layout, nomenclature, interpretation, appearance, size etc. Every student may draw different variant for each task.

The book is not only for studying. You may use it like reference book or a guide for drawing.

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